Businesses are constantly looking for ways to streamline their operations. However, one area they tend to overlook is payroll. Savvy business owners are embracing a new trend in the payroll industry: the payroll debit card. Payroll debit cards enable employers to pay employees quickly and easily, and allow employees to receive and use their wages without any hassles, wasted time, and unnecessary costs. The old-fashioned method of issuing paper paychecks just doesn’t make sense for most. Paper paychecks are costly to produce, force employees to wait several days until they can access their wages, and open the door to identity theft.

Debit Cards benefit the employee by allowing them free or low cost money transfers, in the states or across national borders. This is ideal for those who have family in other countries that need regular money transfers. Also, no longer do they have to pay to get a check cashed or wait in long lines at a bank or be concerned that they don’t have a bank account set up.  These cards can also be used as “cash payments” and give merchants a sense of security since they no longer need to carry cash with them to locations and worry about theft.

At Capital Business Service, the employee wages are loaded onto a debit card via direct deposit and this gives them immediate access to their money through an ATM and almost every branch of every bank. Also, payroll balances are FDIC-insured and can be integrated with virtually any payroll system. Give CBS a call today to find out how your company can save time and money by using the Debit card system for your payroll needs. We can be reached at 913-341-8772 and would love to talk to you in more detail about this!