Payroll isn’t just about paying your employees. Consider all the parts of your business that are touched by your payroll functions. Now consider all that payroll data and how it can help you with other parts of your business. Do you simply need payroll functionality or is a more robust system with HR and hiring capabilities what you are looking for? At Capital Business Service, we can tailor your payroll needs specifically for you.

For a business where resources are limited and you are looking for a solution that takes minimal time to manage, our system has a simple online interface that is easy to navigate and use. Also, no longer do you need to use two systems, such as QuickBooks and then payroll software. Our service has these wrapped into one, easy to use bundle, thus saving you time and ultimately, money.

Let CBS show you how we can seamlessly integrate a payroll solution into your business. Let us show you how your work life can be easier and we can take unnecessary tasks off your plate. Whether you are large or small, we can show you a solution that will work for you! Call CBS today to find out more, 913-341-8772.