If you could cut out the amount of time a table is occupied, while also increasing revenue, would you? Of course!  If you could offer on-demand marketing pushes to your customers, would you? No question! With TabbedOut your servers can turn more tables by offering quicker service, which creates a better guest experience overall, and higher tips. They cut down on the four or more trips to each table when settling the bill, which offers them more time to deliver hot food and sell another bottle of wine.

At Trinity Hall, they estimate that the number of tabs that were processed using TabbedOut saved them over NINE HOURS of screen time and over 1,000 feet of thermal paper.  Also, their monthly average tips were running 19.6%, their TabbedOut tip ratio was 24.5%. Also, they had increased returning guests’ tabs, indicating their sense of value in the app, but also appreciation for the service as staff got busier. Read full case study

TabbedOut integrates directly into most current POS systems, captures history and personal preferences of your guests, and segments your customer base. You can also send messages and push notifications at the drop of a hat, as well as take advantage of partner programs that offers rewards. To top it off, TabbedOut has robust analytics that let you know when and where your marketing budget is working.

Now that you are ready to take your sales and marketing to the next level, while making your serving staff happy, give Capital Business Service a call today at 913-241-8772. We would love to discuss TabbedOut in more detail and show you how easy we make it for you to integrate this amazing app into your everyday dining strategy.  Check out their website while you are at it.